North Putnam ICONic

Welcome to our new #ICONiclearners web page.  This page will be growing over the next few months so be sure to check back frequently.  Below you will find some helpful links and documents to help you and your student on this amazing journey. 

1.  Student Responsible Use Policy - Parents, please review with your child so they have a better understanding of how to use the Chromebook in a responsible way.

2.  Parent Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to many of your questions about the 1:1 initiative. 

3. Chromebook Protection Plan Enrollment & Claims - All parents are asked to enroll in the Chromebook Protection Plan to minimize their financial responsibility for accidental Chromebook damages.

4. Parenting Tips in the Digital Age - Parents, review a few tips and resources on how to help your child have a positive experience with using the Chromebook.

5. #ICONicLearners - Follow some of our work and progress on Twitter.