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North Putnam ICONic

Welcome to our new #ICONiclearners web page.  This page will be growing over the next few months so be sure to check back frequently.  Below you will find some helpful links and documents to help you and your student on this amazing journey. 

1.  Student Responsible Use Policy - Parents, please review with your child so they have a better understanding of how to use the Chromebook in a responsible way.

2.  Parent Frequently Asked Questions - Get answers to many of your questions about the 1:1 initiative. 

3. Chromebook Protection Plan Enrollment & Claims - All parents are asked to enroll in the Chromebook Protection Plan to minimize their financial responsibility for accidental Chromebook damages.

4. Parenting Tips in the Digital Age - Parents, review a few tips and resources on how to help your child have a positive experience with using the Chromebook.

5. #ICONicLearners - Follow some of our work and progress on Twitter.

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Cougar Gear

IMG 0096         IMG 0097
                                           $2.50                                                                                           $2.50

image-9          image-11
       Cougar Paw Stickers Orange or Blue $.50 a sheet                                                     Ball Caps $16.00                              

image-12         image-13
                         Golf Umbrella $21.50                                                                       Cushioned Seat Pad $5.00                    

image-14         image-15
                         Wooden Plaque $10.00                                                                                 Drawstring bag $6.50                        

image-16           image-20
                              Water Bottle $2.50                                                                        WInter Scarf $15.00                          

          image-21     image 10
                                  Flag with stake $15.00                                                                     Footbag Hacky Sack $2.00                  

                        IMG 1268                                                             IMG 1271
                                       Pride Pack- $4                                                                                                     Paw Lanyards-$3

               IMG 1272                                                       IMG 0104
                                    Paw Bandana- $3.50                                                                                 Beanie $10

                        IMG 01362
               6' Scarf with Emb. $15 Beanie Scarf Combo $22.50

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IMG 0093a          IMG 0094a
T-shirts-$10    Hoodies-$20                                                           T-shirts-$10    Hoodies-$20

image 1          image 18
Crew Neck Sweat Shirt $22.50                                                                     Hooded Sweat Shirt $23.50

image          image 19
Hooded Sweat Shirt $23.50                                                                             Hooded Sweat Shirt $23.50 

image-2          image-3
Crew Neck Sweat Shirt $22.50                                                                    Crew Neck Sweat Shirt

image-4          image-5
T-Shirt $10.00                                                                                                            Dri-Fit T-Shirt $16.00

image-6          image-7
T-Shirt $10.00                                                                                                           T-Shirt $10.00

image 8          image 22
               Long Sleeve T-Shirt $17.50                                                                    Vintage T-Shirt $5.00                      

            IMG 1255                           IMG 1257  
            T-Shirt $10.00                                                                                                     T-Shirt $10.00            
                 IMG 1262                                         IMG 1263

                               Camo Shirt $13                                                                                              Camo Hoodie $25

                     IMG 1266                                           new
                                       T-Shirt $10.00                                                                                  T-Shirt $10.00

                image 17                                     IMG 1258  

        Sweat pants with Pockets and Open Cuffs $17.50                               Sweat pants with Pockets and Open Cuffs $17.50        

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Indiana School Boards Association to Hold Ten Regional School Board Candidate Forums

These forums are designed to inform new candidates and incumbents running for re-election about school boardsmanship. Some of the topics to be discussed include the roles and responsibilities of being a school board member, ethics, and legal responsibilities. There is time allotted for questions from the audience.

ISBA encourages as many local candidates to attend so if you are running or know someone running for your local school board please forward this information to them.

Cost is $35and each candidate will receive a school board candidate’s kit, which contains valuable information on the financial, legal, and ethical aspects of serving on a school board.

Please see the attached schedule for local dates and locations for the Candidate Forum in your area.

Please let prospective candidates know that they are able to register HERE. Info will be emailed from the ISBA offices to the county clerk offices as well.

Please contact ISBA, not the facility, if you have any questions regarding the forum.

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