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2014 09 29

Are you a goal-oriented person? As a student-athlete, do you set reasonable goals for yourself in the classroom and in your sport of choice? Are you one that gives up easily, or do you fight until the end to see your goals finished?

The goal of every minor league baseball player is to make it to the big leagues. Guilder Rodriguez played for thirteen years in the minors. Last week he was called up to the major leagues for the very first time with the Texas Rangers. His dreams finally came true.

2014 10 06

At most sporting events, the national anthem is played before the start of the game. How do you show your respect for the flag and our great country?

Do you stand at attention? Do you put your hand on your heart? Before your sporting event, does your coach or team captain encourage the team to do something uniformly?

Last week while watching the Indianapolis Colts game, I noticed quarterback Andrew Luck, hand on heart, singing the anthem as it was being played.

Positive role models are alive and well. Remember, others will be watching you!

2014 10 20

Have you ever heard the saying "that it is much better to be a solution to a problem, rather than being the problem itself"?

This statement holds true in the classroom, the field of play, and in everyday life.

The achieving student-athlete finds ways to solve problems. Are you good at finding solutions and working your way through a difficult time or experience? Are you a problem solver, or do you tend to cause more problems than you would like to admit?

The next time you are facing a tough decision or problem, think of yourself as finding the solution, and encouraging your classmates and teammates to do the same!

2014 10 27

How is the spirit at your high school? Do you attend sporting events other than the ones that you participate in? Do you socialize with those outside of your sports?

School spirit and school unity depends on every student-athlete to be involved. Make it a habit to support the band, the choir, school plays, and any other activities in your school. By doing so, you are showing that all events at your school matter, not just those on Friday or Saturday nights.

Are you doing your part? Show your school spirit by being a spectator as well as being a participant!

2014 11 10

Today's student-athlete is no different than those of yesteryear. If you make poor choices you will be held accountable and punished for them.

Most kids think they can do questionable things and get away with them. Someone is likely watching and you will more than likely get caught. You know right from wrong, as well as the rules of your student and sports handbooks.

All students are expected to abide by the rules, but let’s face it, the student-athlete is always held to a higher standard. Representing yourself in a positive way will benefit you, your school, your family and your community!