Graduation Requirements

At North Putnam High School, all students enter with the expectation of earning the Core 40 Diploma, the Core 40 Diploma with Academic Honors or the Core 40 Diploma with Technical Honors. The State of Indiana also offers a general minimum diploma which is available at North Putnam High School following a special conference in which the general diploma is agreed upon by the student, parents, an administrator and the counselor. Requirements for these diplomas are as follows:

Core 40 Diploma 43 semesters (43 credits)

English - 8 semesters
Math - 6 semesters
Students beginning in 2012+ must take a math or quantitative reasoning course each year of high school.

Science - 6 semesters
(May be Human Anatomy & Physiology, Earth Science, ALS agriscience course.)

Social Studies - 6 semesters
Physical Education - 2 semesters
Health and Wellness - 1 semester
Fine Arts (Band, Choir or Art) - 1 semester
Careers - 1 semester
Personal Finance - 1 semester
Digital Citizenship - 1 semester

Core 40 with Academic Honors (47 semesters – 47 credits)

Core 40 with Academic Honors requires the 43 credits listed above plus:
Earn a “C” or better in individual courses that count toward the diploma. Final GPA must be 3.0 or better.

Math – total 8 semesters adding

Foreign Language
(Spanish is the only foreign language currently offered at North Putnam.)

Fine Arts – 2 semesters

To complete the Core 40 with Academic Honors, students must also complete one of the following: