Clubs and Activities

clubs and activities

Wanting to join a club but don’t know what we have to offer or how to get involved? You’ve come to the right place!

Here is a list of clubs we offer. At the beginning of each year, clubs will announce their meetings on daily announcements or on the intercom on Wednesdays or Fridays during SRT. Listen to those announcements for call-outs and come and see what the clubs are about! If you need help, come see a counselor for more information.













Cross Country

Special Olympic Sports

Concert Band

Marching Band




·         Choir (all female – beginning)

·         Choir (males and females- mixed)

·         FCCLA – Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America- (Family and Consumer Science Club): This club is run by Mrs. Scotland.

·         PEP Club – (Positive Energy People) This is a group that meets to create a positive environment at NPHS. We started apple cider Mondays for teachers and give positive praise to students and staff. Please see Mrs. Alspaugh for more information.

·         National Honor Society: Sophomores through Seniors are invited to be a member of this club. A 3.5 GPA and 20 community services hours yearly are required for membership. Mrs. Spencer is the sponsor.

·         Spell Bowl: This group typically meets in the morning with Mr. Hiland for practice and donuts. They have a competition that they compete at each year. This group is for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. If you are interested please see Mr. Hiland for more information.

·         Teen Court: This program is part of the Putnam County Youth Development Commission and the Juvenile Probation Department. The primary focus of Teen Court is a juvenile offender’s choice to come before adolescent peers in a courtroom manned by juvenile “attornies, clerks, bailiffs and jury”. Student volunteers are periodically recruited from North Putnam H.S. Please see Mrs. Alspaugh or Mrs. Merkel for an application and more information.

·         Youth Philanthropy: Is a part of the Putnam County Youth Foundation. Juniors and Seniors meet in Greencastle on a regular basis to help raise money for scholarships and to discuss important concerns in the community.

·         PIE Breakfast: Prevention Intervention and Education. Is open to Freshmen- Seniors who meet once a month in Greencastle at Putnam Inn. They have guest speakers come in to discuss important topics such as drug abuse, drug education, etc. Students must provide their own transportation to and from the restaurant or take the bus to school that leaves at 7 AM.

·         Thespians: Mrs. Neild runs this drama club including the fall play and spring musical. Come out for auditions or to help with lighting, sound, sets, etc.

·         Peer Tutoring Team: This is an actually class where students will receive a grade. This opportunity is for Juniors and Seniors only. These students are placed in the elementary, middle, and high school classrooms to help other students who may need assistance. Mrs Lynn Scott does a quality job of placing these students with other students who need additional help.

·         Yearbook: This is a class that helps Mrs. Fields highlight all the memories from your school years.

·         Newspaper: This is a class in which students write articles and take pictures for the school’s newspaper.

·         FFA: You must be enrolled in at least one agriculture class to be a part of FFA with Mrs. Skirvin and Mrs. Oxford..

·         C-Kom (Cougar Kick-Off Mentor): Peer mentoring for the upcoming freshmen. This is an opportunity for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to help introduce the High School to the freshmen. This takes place prior to the start of school. Students will do games and welcoming activities with the freshmen. Sign-ups can be found in the guidance office at the end of each school year.

·         Key Club: This group is for Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors. This is a program where they learn about how to volunteer in a variety of ways. Mrs. Caudill runs and operates this group. They typically volunteer at the Special Olympics each year. Please see Mrs. Caudill for more information and how to sign up.

·         Student Council: This club is run by Mr. Winger. Sign-ups to be a student council member occur in the fall. This group helps plan homecoming activities, pep sessions, and dances.

·         GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance- GSA is sponsored by Mrs. Roach. Part of this club includes a best buddies type program. See Mrs. Roach for more information.