For Freshman Eyes Only!

Welcome to high school, Freshmen! Here are some important things for you to consider during your first year of high school:
  • Get ready to make your four year plan! Mr. Winger will meet with you individually to plan out your four years of high school, including your diploma track, classes you will take each year, and what you want to do after high school. It is important to choose your classes according to your future. Don’t take classes just because your friends are in them! Take what interests you so that you will be better prepared for college, the military, or the workforce.
  • Get help when you need it! Don’t be afraid to ask for a tutor to meet with you during SRT. The sooner you ask for a tutor, the sooner you can get help and improve your grades. Don’t let yourself fall behind. When you feel like you are overwhelmed, ask your teacher for help, or ask Mr. Winger to set you up with a student tutor.
  • Get involved! Freshman year is full of many exciting opportunities–don’t let them pass you by! Check out the clubs and activities page on this website to see what you can become involved in. Mr. Winger is the Freshman class sponsor. He will need your help during fall and spring homecoming for painting freshman banners. Just remember to jump in and have fun!