Winning Attitude

Top Ten Reasons To Sport a Winning ATTITUDE!!!

10. Taunting, trash talk, and intimidating behavior have no place in high school sports - or any level of sports.
9. Your admission is to watch the performances of highly impressionable 15 to 18-year old kids, not a license to abuse coaches, officials, players, and other spectators.
8. You want others to treat you the way you want to be treated - and how many of us want to be treated with disrespect?
7. We need more positive role models for our kids.
6. People don't always remember the final score-but they always remember the fan in Section Three who made a fool out of him or herself.
5. Coaches and officials are also teachers. Why would you harass them in their classroom?
4. A national survey indicates kids play high school sports to have fun not to be number one!
3. It's how you play the game that counts.
2. It's simply the right thing to do.
1.Sportsmanship begins with you!