High School Faculty and Staff

Jason Chew   Principal Ext. 303 jchew@nputnam.k12.in.us
Levi Yowell Assistant Principal Ext. 302 lyowell@nputnam.k12.in.us
Lynn Scott Special Education Coordinator Ext. 349 lscott@nputnam.k12.in.us
Anita Himes High School Administrative Assistant Ext. 301 ahimes@nputnam.k12.in.us
Kylee Clodfelter Attendance Administrative Assistant Ext. 305 kclodfelter@nputnam.k12.in.us
Karen Noel Treasurer Ext. 306 knoel@nputnam.k12.in.us
Paula Batchelor Nurse Assistant Ext. 346 pbatchelor@nputnam.k12.in.us

Lauren Alspaugh
Counselor Ext. 307 lalspaugh@nputnam.k12.in.us
Amy Certain
 Counselor Ext. 308  acertain@nputnam.k12.in.us
Jennifer Nelson
Administrative Assistant Ext. 310 jnelson@nputnam.k12.in.us

Roger Busch
Athletic Director Ext. 348 rbusch@nputnam.k12.in.us
 Kayla Wiatt Administrative Assistant Ext. 347 kwiatt@nputnam.k12.in.us

 Kate Skirvin Ext. 340  kskirvin@nputnam.k12.in.us 
 Janna Oxford Ext. 341 joxford@nputnam.k12.in.us

Learning Lab
 Cameron Brothers Ext. 354 cbrothers@nputnam.k12.in.us

Chris Geeser Ext. 360 cgeeser@nputnam.k12.in.us
Rebecca Scotland Ext. 331 rscotland@nputnam.k12.in.us

Related Arts
Sarah Chizum-Art Ext. 333 schizum@nputnam.k12.in.us
Jason Lafever-Choir Ext. 356 jlafever@nputnam.k12.in.us
Matt Wargel-Band Ext. 355 mwargel@nputnam.k12.in.us
Amanda Kramer-Digital Arts
Ext. 324 akramer@nputnam.k12.in.us

Language Arts
Monique Fields Ext. 336 mfields@nputnam.k12.in.us
Chase Hiland Ext. 314 chiland@nputnam.k12.in.us
Krysten Kingery Ext. 315 kkingery@nputnam.k12.in.us
Sheri Roach Ext. 312 sroach@nputnam.k12.in.us
Jessica Neid Ext. 311 jneild@nputnam.k12.in.us

Kristy Lippencott Ext. 319 klippencott@nputnam.k12.in.us
David Moeller Ext. 334 dmoeller@nputnam.k12.in.us
James Miller Ext. 335 jmiller@nputnam.k12.in.us
Michelle Spencer Ext. 318 mspencer@nputnam.k12.in.us

Physical Education and Health
Sam Carnes Ext. 342 scarnes@nputnam.k12.in.us
Jarrod Duff Ext. 358 jduff@nputnam.k12.in.us
Wesley Richardson Ext. 453 wrichardson@nputnam.k12.in.us

Project Lead the Way
Jim Hess Ext. 329 jhess@nputnam.k12.in.us

Joseph Cialkowski Ext. 328 jcialkowski@nputnam.k12.in.us
Annette Maier Ext. 343 amaier@nputnam.k12.in.us
Eric VanHaaften Ext. 326 evanhaaften@nputnam.k12.in.us

Social Studies
Sam Carnes Ext. 342 scarnes@nputnam.k12.in.us
Joey Holt Ext. 320 jholt@nputnam.k12.in.us
Kyle Morgan Ext. 316 kmorgan@nputnam.k12.in.us

Jordan Baire Ext. 337 jbaire@nputnam.k12.in.us

Special Education
Riachel Mosteller Ext. 323 rmosteller@nputnam.k12.in.us
Kathy Sykes Ext. 321 ksykes@nputnam.k12.in.us
Kim Thomas Ext. 322 kthomas@nputnam.k12.in.us