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April Teacher of the Month

April Teacher of the Month

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Wesley Richardson

Past Teaching Experience:  Wayne Township 2 years, IU@IUPUI Adjunct Professor 2 years, University of Indianapolis Adjunct Professor 12 years, North Putnam 13 years

College Background:  University of Indianapolis-Masters, IU@IUPUI Health/Physical Education/Aquatics, Purdue-Electronics/Electrical

Most Memorable Teaching Moments: Seeing a student’s facial expressions when he/she masters a new skill

Hobbies:   Working with hands, Wood working, electrical/electronics, Remote control equipment, amateur radio (Ham)

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March Teacher of the Month

March Teacher of the Month

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Name:  Cathy Proctor

Past Teaching Experience:  41 years of service at North Putnam Co. School Corp.  Taught at Russellville prior to Roachdale.

College Background:  Indiana State University undergraduate, DePauw University Master’s Degree

Most Memorable Teaching Moments:  She has been instrumental in helping a number of kids realize and reach their full potential.   May 22, 1995, Cathy was honored as a state finalist in the 1995 Presidential Awards for the Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching Program.  There were only 3 elementary finalists selected for this award.

Hobbies:   Cathy enjoys spending time with other educators and her family.  Her students are her world.Cathy enjoys shopping and volunteering for Special Olympics.

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January Teacher of the Month

January Teacher of the Month
Sarah Chizum

Name: Sarah Chizum

Past Teaching Experience:

Taught for 1.5 years at Clark Pleasant Middle School (Greenwood) teaching 8th grade art.  Currently in my 3rd year at North Putnam High School teaching visual arts.

College Background:

Earned my Bachelor of Science in Art Education and Fine Arts in Ceramics from Ball State in 2014. 

Most Memorable Teaching Moments:

A now graduated student chose to paint a portrait of a family member who had recently passed away in a tragic way.  The student struggled to make progress each day due to fear and worry that he might not be able to capture a likeness worthy of his subject.  We had maany conversations about the importance and positives of making mistakes during the creative process.  He was quickly falling behind and the deadline was approaching.  I requested that this student take his project home to work on, but with two requests.  First, that he allow himself to possibly "fail" at his goal by taking risks with his approach.  Second, and most importanly, that he be 100% kind to himself through the process.  After the weekend, the student returned to my desk with the canvas in his arms.  Before he showed me, he stated, " I could not have been kind to myself without your kindness first.  I was able to allow myself to make mistakes and recover from them."  He then revealed a breath-taking portrait of his loved one.  He had captured the subject's likeness beautifully.  It was such a moving moment that we both began to cry.  It was an unforgettable moment. 


Throwing pottery, gardening, drawing, painting, and remodeling my home

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