November Teacher of the Month

January Teacher of the Month

Heather Conner Picture2

Heather Conner, Roachdale

Name: Heather Conner

Past Teaching Experience:

Assistant in an emotional disability classroom in Cloverdale, Special Education Teacher K-5 Roachdale,

5th Grade Teacher Roachdale, 2nd grade Bainbridge, 6th Grade Social Studies Middle School

College Background:

DePauw University

Most Memorable Teaching Moments:

I love watching students make that turnaround and decide they like school afterall.  So many times I have students come to me that don't really enjoy learning or had a rough year, and I love for them to make that turnaround!  I also love all the excitement of technology in our classroom.  I love learning from the students and implementing new ideas in education.


I love spending time with my family and watching my children play all of their sports.  I also enjoy crafting, baking, and enjoying the outdoors

Nominated by:  Kaitlyn Hall, Stone Wass, Alec McKenzie, and Jenna Day