School Board

 Front Row L-R: Amber Greene, Dustin Osborn, Joanie Knapp Back Row

L-R Ron Spencer, Travis Lambermont, Mark Hoke, and Darrell Wiatt

Vision Statement

The North Putnam School Corporation serves as the heart of the community where all students receive an excellent education and develop the capacity required to become productive and contributing members of society.

Mission Statement

The North Putnam School Corporation builds on a strong sense of community to provide a safe and secure learning environment that supports the social, emotional, and academic needs of students through excellence in teaching and learning.

Core Values

Cougars move with speed for the school-community!
S- Support
P- Protect
E- Education
E- Encourage
D- Develop


  • Goal #1 – Create a Unique District Identity
    • By August 1, 2021, NPSC will be a distinctive school corporation in the tri-county area.
      • Indicators of Success
        • Outside-In Validation (e.g., Awards, Recognition, etc.)
        • Teacher/Student Retention
        • Communication/Marketing
  • Goal #2 – Support Individualized Student Success
    • By December 1, 2021, every student will be an equal partner in their learning.
      • Indicators of Success
        • Pacing Guides/Curriculum Maps - 2020
        • Common Assessments - 2020
        • Student-led Conferencing – 2021
        • Individualized Goal Setting - 2021
  • Goal #3 – Quality Environment
    • By August 1, 2021, NPSC will provide secondary facilities that promote 21st century learning.
      • Indicators of Success
        • Science lab renovations
        • Fine arts improvements
        • Student Services improvements
        • Library Upgrades with open workspace etc.
        • Athletic improvements
  • Goal #4 – Safe Learning Environment
    • By August 1, 2021, NPSC will provide safety and security upgrades at each building.
      • Indicators of Success
        • SRO
        • Secure Entry
        • Fencing

Notice to Taxpayers - Capital Projects

Notice to Taxpayers - Bus Replacement

Notice of Superintendent Contract

Regular Teach Contract

Addendum to the Superintendent’s Employment Contract