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September Teacher of the Month

September Teacher of the Month

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Joey Holt, NPHS

Name: Joey Holt

Past Teaching Experience:

Covington Middle School – 4 years

North Putnam High School – 2 years

College Background:

Ball State University – Double Major in History and Secondary Ed.

Most Memorable Teaching Moments:

Re-enacting scenes from The Crucible w/ A.P. U. S. History when learning

about the Salem Witch Trials. Having students create multi-media

presentations when learning about the Civil War and World War II. It’s

always fun to see the students explore their creativity through learning


Coaching football, coaching track and field, and playing guitar/bass


Nominated by:

Dana Tennis, Hannah Sims, Grace Fry, and McKenna Speier.

Teacher of the Month sponsored by Hoosier Heartland State Bank, North Salem State Bank, Tri-County Bank & Trust, Buffalo Wild Wings, and the North Putnam Community School Corporation