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December Teacher of the Month

December Teacher of the Month

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Jeanine Peterson, Bainbridge

Name: Jeanine Peterson

Past Teaching Experience:

42nd year to teach (41st for N Putnam) 1 year in Illinois as speech/language pathologist,: 4 years
for N Putnam as speech/language pathologist....then to elementary classroom at Bainbridge—
primarily as 2nd grade, but also taught 3rd and 4th grades.

College Background:

Indiana State University, Bachelor’s and Master’s, plus my conversion program to earn my
elementary license.

Most Memorable Teaching Moments:

An abundance of wonderful, touching teaching moments with many marvelous kids. I think I relish
most those “ah-ha’ moments with kids....that “oh...!!!!! I get it” moment or that “Mrs. Peterson,
you said I could do this.....and I did” moment......or the “connections” moments when someone
says “You taught us about ......and now I am making a “connection” to this.......”.......that
realization for the students that all their learning is interconnected and how they learn to apply one
thing to another...as they are hopefully learning and appreciating the value of their efforts and their


I like to walk—I enjoy the trails in Plainfield, where I live. I love to attend live theatre, especially musical theatre…I have been fortunate to see several great productions in NY! I like participating in theatre productions, too. I enjoy spending time with my sisters and my college “senior” nephew and my high school “sophomore” niece. I like to read and a “dabble” just a little with flowers in my yard. I also enjoy traveling and seeing new places!! Laurie Hensley and Jessica Tarr

Nominated by:  Laurie Hensley and Jessica Tarr