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School Status: School is Open

    Welcome to North Putnam!

    • Welcome back from the holidays! We hope the time with your family one of rest and relaxation. Semester Two is upon us as we return and the time will move quickly. Winter sports season is in full swing with many activities each night and weekend. And, before we know it, fifth and eighth graders will be preparing transitioning to middle and high school, respectively. Course selections will soon be discussed with high school students. If you have questions about these important milestones and opportunities, please contact your child’s principal or counselor.

      As you all know, we experienced an unusual round of early winter weather before the holidays. The weather caused us to miss three (3) days of school. The first two were made up with eLearning and the third day will be made up on January 20, 2020. If we miss additional days of school this year due to weather, the same pattern for make up will be followed. The first two (2) days missed will be eLearning and the third day missed will be made up on February 17, 2020. The final built in snow day is April 10, 2020. This day will only be used if we miss a total of (6) days between January 6 and that date. We will keep you updated and informed, and as always, if you have questions, please feel free to call your school office.

      The days are getting longer, minute by minute. Encourage opportunities for your child to be outdoors and active when weather permits. Physical activity stimulates the brain, encourages good health habits, and helps with restful sleep. Spring will bring statewide standardized testing and building administrators will communicate these days and times with you. Please remember to limit appointments during these days, encourage good sleep habits, and provide well-balanced meals.

      If North Putnam is not your current school family and you are looking for one, we welcome you to our community and encourage you to contact your child’s potential school for a tour. And, for those families who call North Putnam home, please let us know how we can serve you better. We look forward to seeing you at one of the many school events!