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School Status: School is Closed

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    • Continuous Learning Plan:

      May 1, 2020 Update: SchoolDay20192020_Parent.pdf

      April 24, 2020 Video Update

      April 10, 2020

      I know that many of you are wondering when our last day of school will be now that we moved to eLearning for the remainder of the year. I will ask that you continue to follow the schedule sent as a 'refrigerator calendar, earlier, as we move into May. The month of April remains as published and the pattern will continue into May as outlined below. I also know many of you have questions about grades and principals will communicate that information by the end of the day Monday, April 13, if not sooner.

      If you have not already received information on picking up your child's things from school, you will be soon; each building is a little different. I also know you have questions about returning textbooks and Chromebooks at the end of the year. We will continue to monitor the situation with the hope that students will be able to do this in person sometime in May and we can have a some type of brief year-end activity.

      Thank you for your continued patience and support of your child as we navigate learning in a different way.

      ***eLearning May***
      May 4 and 5: New lessons in Google Classroom; Teachers available 9a-3p; Work due May 11
      May 6: Teacher Meet sessions (not required, but strongly encouraged)
      May 11 and 12: New lessons in Google Classroom; Teachers available 9a-3p; Work due May 18
      May 13: Teacher Meet sessions (not required, but strongly encouraged)
      May 18: LAST STUDENT DAY-ALL WORK DUE. No new material will be posted. So when you child finishes May 11 & 12, they have finished school. Happy Summer!!
      May 18-22: Teachers will completing grading in Harmony and finishing end of year meetings and are available as they normally would be after school closes. 
      May 22: TEACHER LAST DAY. Happy Summer!!

      April 8, 2020 Video Update

      April 6, 2020

      North Putnam Family,
      I know that we find ourselves in unprecedented times. We know that many of our families will be affected by COVID-19 one way or another. You or a family member may be an essential employee and are trying to figure out how to support your child during eLearning while you continue to work. You may be experiencing a layoff, furlough, or reduction in pay and are finding it difficult to ensure your family has everything they need. Or, you or a family member may be experiencing symptoms of the illness. 
      Please know that if you are struggling, in any way, North Putnam School Corporation is here for you as we would be if students were physically attending school. If you are experiencing difficulty getting your child to complete their school work, please reach out to their teacher, counselor, or administrator. Our phones still receive calls and the voicemail goes to our computer so we can check messages from home. If your child is experiencing increased stress or anxiety, please reach out to our school counselors and administrators, they have the same resources in place to help as if students were here. And, finally, if you need meal support or assistance in some other way to ensure your family's basic needs are met, please contact us. Beginning April 6, we are providing breakfast and lunch for seven (7) a week for children 18 and under in the home. 
      In closing, we miss our students and the daily interaction we have with them. We are preparing for return to school this fall, as normal, on August 10. Please watch your email and our school website over the summer for details regarding registration and other back-to-school events. And, please STAY HOME! If each one of us does our part and follows the Governor's orders we can return to normal sooner rather than later, 
      Educationally yours,
      Dr. Nicole L. Singer

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