Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please find below important information:

SAT Test Administration: Yesterday almost all 11th grade students participated in the first statewide distribution of the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  This College Board product is widely used as a college entrance exam and assesses students' readiness for college.  We were extremely proud of our students as a whole for the manner in which they went about taking this assessment.  The assessment is not easy, and it is lengthy.  We had zero reports of students causing a disruption, and the general sense from the teachers was that students did their best and took their time on the assessment.  If you have a junior student, we would encourage you to ask them about the assessment, and thank him/her for doing their best.

Students who were unable to test yesterday will be given the opportunity to make the test up in mid April.

Academic Excellence Banquet: Unfortunately due to weather, we were not able to hold our Academic Excellence Banquet as planned in February.  Our team has prepared a virtual program that will be shown to all students during Engage on Wednesday, March 16th, and shared on YouTube at the same time.  A link will be shared with all parents on that date as well.  Awards and certificates will then be presented to students during an Ice Cream Social on Friday, March 18th.  We are proud of our student accomplishments, and hope you will join us in viewing the program honoring their academic success.  The program will recognize students who were on the Honor Roll for the Spring 2021 and Fall 2022 semesters.  We will also recognize those students who earned a semester GPA of over a 3.66 during those semesters.

Summer School 2022: Information will be released soon regarding Summer School opportunities for Summer 2022.  Please note, state summer school funding has decreased over the past several years, our primary objective with Summer School 2022 is credit recovery and meeting diploma/certificate goals.  A select number of courses will be available for students to take during this summer at NPCSC expense.  Students/families always have the opportunity to pursue additional educational opportunities outside of what NPCSC offers; however, many times this is at the expense of the student or family.  In most cases NPHS would accept these transfer credits.  If you have questions regarding any of these opportunities and how that may impact your student, please do not hesitate to contact our school counselors or administration.

Indiana College Core: North Putnam is excited to be able to offer the Indiana College Core to its students who complete a specified pathway of study.  The Indiana College Core ensures that your 30 hours of dual credit work transfers from NPHS to public colleges and universities within Indiana.  Students who are planning on attending college after high school should speak with their counselor to see what classes they have completed or need to complete in order to earn the 30 hours of dual credit at NPHS.  Students who complete the Indiana College Core begin most universities as a second year student; which may greatly reduce the amount of time and money spent on a college campus.  Students can begin taking classes that work toward the College Core as early as 10th grade.  Please note, in order to receive all the necessary credits students will have to take and pass some Advanced Placement assessments. For more information about the Indiana College Core you can visit this website.

Senior Decisions: It is our goal to help each student develop a plan for after graduation.  We like to recognize and honor each student’s post secondary goals regardless of what they are.  It is our intention to honor and recognize each student for having a plan for what their life looks like after graduation.  If you have a senior student, we encourage you to have these conversations with your student.  We know this is stressful for these young adults, and we have a team of support for them to help them in their quest to make these plans.  Please let us know how we can help your student.  We also like to recognize these decisions by taking their picture and posting them in our school and on our social media platforms.  If you have a senior who has a plan and would like to be included, please contact Mr. Wagler or have your student talk to him about this recognition.  We would like to recognize their plans regardless of what they are, even if that means they plan to attend Purdue - sorry, I couldn’t resist.

After school academic support: Four days per week, our school is offering after school academic support for students who need assistance.  Our after school program is from 3:30-5:30, Monday through Thursday in the high school media center.  Students should come prepared to study, or receive assistance on assignments or preparing for assessments.  This can also be used as a monitored study group for kids needing to get together and work on their classwork.    Students who have completed Activity Bus Transportation Forms can utilize this service.  For additional information or questions, please email me directly.  

FAFSA: We want to encourage students graduating this year or students planning to graduate midyear next year to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The earlier you complete the FAFSA the better, as Financial Aid can run out at colleges/universities, students are more likely to qualify for grants and scholarships, and financial aid packages can be provided to students earlier; which helps in making decisions on which college/university to attend.  You do not need to wait to complete your 2021 taxes before completing your FAFSA.  The 2022 FAFSA is based off of your 2020 tax returns.  If you need assistance, please contact one of our school counselors. 

April 18 - 2 Hour Delay for Professional Development As a reminder all NPCSC Schools will be working on a 2 Hour Delay on Monday, April 18th so that corporation teachers can take advantage of Professional Development opportunities.